Salary and Benefits

Compensation Package effective January 1, 2023:

$ 1

First Class Patrolman

Patrol New Hire Rate Effective January 1, 2023

Salary StructurePay Breakdown
1st Year of Employment Probationary Officer15% Less Than First Class Patrolman Rate
2nd Year of Employment: 3rd Class Patrolman 10% Less Than First Class Patrolman Rate
3rd year of employment: First Class PatrolmanPatrolman Rate of Pay

Lateral Transfer

When an Officer transfers laterally, the Officer’s documented years of service in that previous police department would count toward their vacation and wages when entering the Kokomo Police Department, provided however that longevity shall be based upon the hire date with the Kokomo Police Department.

Specialist Pay effective 2023

$ 1


Sergeant Pay Effective 2023

$ 1


Lieutenant Pay effective 2023

$ 1


Special Training Recognition

Specialized Unitpay incentive
Special Weapons and Tactics Team$600.00 per year
Hazardous Device Unit$600.00 per year
Field Training Officer$1,127 per year
Range Officer$450.00 per year
Radar Instructor $400.00 per year
Impact Weapons / Defensive Tactics Instructor$500.00 per year
Dog Handler$800.00 per year
Breathalyzer Test Administrator$20.00 per test
E.V.O.C. Instructor$400.00 per year
Hostage Negotiator$450.00 per year
Polygraph Operator$450.00 per year

CLOTHING ALLOWANCE.  Sworn officers who have completed their one year probationary period will receive $1,000.00 per year clothing allowance.    

OVERTIME.  Sworn officers will be compensated at one and one half times the hourly rate of his/her base salary.   

SHIFT DIFFERENTIAL.  In addition to the base salary, an employee working any full shift between the hours of 1:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. shall receive three percent (3%)shift premium per week while assigned to that shift.  

PERSONAL LEAVE TIME. Each employee shall receive four (4) paid personal leave days per calendar year. The immediate supervisor may refuse personal leave days only with good cause, which may include, but is not limited to, potential work load, manpower requirements and emergencies. Unused personal days are not accrued from year to year. Any employee who has perfect attendance, excluding absence due to job related illness or injury, from January 1 through December 31 of each year earns one (1) additional personal day to be taken in the succeeding year.

INSURANCE.  Life insurance, hospital major medical, dental and preventive dental, and optical insurance with preferred provider packages with cost guard features for all Sworn officers.    

PENSION.  The City of Kokomo agrees to comply in all respects with the Indiana State Statutes covering pension benefits for Police Officers. 


An employee shall receive vacation time based on the following schedule:

Length of ServiceVacation Time
0-1 year1 day per month
1-6 years14 working days
7-11 years21 working days
12-15 years28 working days
16 or more years35 working days

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