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Selection Process:

Physical Assessment Standards:

It is recommended that you should always consult your physician or other health care professional before beginning any fitness routine and always seek out a qualified Fitness Instructor or Trainer to ensure you doing the exercise properly.

One Minute Sit-ups

Standards: 29

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Vertical Jump

Standards: 16 Inches

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Maximum Push-ups

Standards: 25

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1.5 Mile Run

16 Minutes 28 Seconds

300 Meter Run

Standards: 71 Seconds

How To Prepare For 1.5 Mile Run

To prepare for this test, you need to gradually increase your running endurance. The schedule below is a proven progressive routine. Begin at the level you can accommodate, and if you can advance the schedule on a weekly basis, then proceed to the next level. If you can do the distance in less time, then do so.

Source: Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

WeekActivityDistance in MilesDuration in MinutesTimes Per Week
1Walk1.517 - 205
2Walk1.525 - 295
3Walk232 - 355

How To Prepare For The 300 Meter Run

To prepare for this component, it is a good idea to do interval training. The first step is to time yourself for an all-out effort at 110 yards. This is called your initial time, or IT. The second step is to divide your IT by .80 to get your training time. Then follow the schedule below.

Source:Indiana Law Enforcement Academy
WeeksDistanceRepsTraining TimeRest TimeFrequency
1&2110 Yards10IT ÷ .80 2 min.1/week
3&4110 Yards10IT ÷ .80 minus 2-3 seconds2 min.1/Week
5&6110 Yards10IT ÷ .80 minus 5-6 seconds2 min.1/Week
7&8220 Yards8IT ÷ .80 x 22 min.1/Week
9&10220 Yards8IT ÷ .80 x 2 minus 4 seconds2 min.2/Week

Guidelines to Achieve a Passing Performance

Since the failure to meet the above standards will result in your disqualification, it is imperative to begin training now. We recommend you see your personal physician prior to beginning any physical fitness program. Some general guidelines for achieving the above stated goals include the following:

  • Start slowly; too much too soon is the biggest cause of injury.
  • Have a planned progressive program.
  • A good pair of running shoes and proper clothing for weather conditions is important.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Work on exercises such as running, push-ups, jumping, and sit-ups.
  • Take an honest appraisal of your current abilities and what you feel you may be able to perform by test day.


For each step of the applicant screening process, the applicant will be notified of the date, time, and location of each screening component by mail. This written notification will be made by the Kokomo Police Department’s Training Unit and will be distributed within fourteen (14) days before the administration of the screening component.


I. The physical assessment component is a series of physical screening exercises that identifies the applicant’s degree of physical fitness. These screening exercises include:

  • Cardiovascular endurance and aerobic power (Stamina over time) … 1.5 mile run within 16 minutes and 28 seconds.
  • Abdominal / trunk muscular endurance. This requires twenty nine (29) sit-ups in one minute of time.
  • Upper body muscular endurance . . . . twenty five (25) push ups.
  • Anaerobic power. (Ability to make an intense burst of effort for a short time period)
  • 300 meter run within 71 seconds.
  • Leg power . . . . Vertical jump test of at least sixteen (16) inches.

II. The minimum requirements for the physical assessment component are included in the application packet.



I. The written aptitude test is administered and scored by an independent testing agency, for the Kokomo Police Department. There is no preparation necessary before the examination date.

II. After receiving written notification of the examination date, the applicant will contain information from the independent testing agency that will outline the test procedure.


I. Upon completion of the written examination and the physical assessment components, a review of the applicants’ final scores is conducted. The final scores for these two (2) components are normally received within two (2) weeks from the date in which the examination was conducted.

II. The report on the individual written test score for each applicant also includes the “average” written aptitude test score for the entire applicant class. Those applicants who score below eighty percent will be disqualified from the remainder of the current screening process and may reapply for participation in the next screening process.

III. Applicants who have failed to meet the minimum requirements of either screening component will be notified that they have been disqualified from the screening process.


I. Within three (3) weeks of the date the written aptitude test and the physical assessment test were conducted, the applicants will receive written notification of their status for the respective tests.

II. Applicants who have successfully completed these two (2) components will be notified that they have passed. They will be notified of the background investigation

III. Applicants who have failed to meet the minimum requirements of either screening component will be notified that they have been disqualified from the screening process.


Applicants who have successfully completed the previous steps will undergo a thorough background investigation to be conducted under the direction and supervision of the Training Unit. This background investigation will take approximately three (4) to four (8) weeks to complete. All applicants will be notified by mail when the background investigation/polygraph has been completed and the date of the oral interview.

The polygraph examination will be administered by one of the Department’s certified polygraph examiners. The polygraph examination can be expected to take approximately three (3) to four (4) hours. All questions that will be used during the polygraph examination will be reviewed with each applicant before the beginning of the test. The applicant can expect to be asked questions concerning moral, ethical, and legal issues, including the use, sale, or delivery of illegal drugs


I. Upon their completion, the background investigation results will be reviewed by the Training Unit Personnel and the Chief of Police or his designee.

II. All applicants who successfully pass the background investigation will be notified of their status by mail. Included in this notification will be the date, time, and location of their scheduled oral interview.

III. All applicants who fail to successfully pass the background investigation will be notified of their disqualification from the screening process by mail.


I. The oral interview will be conducted at the Kokomo Police Department by an interview board consisting of officers of the Kokomo Police Department. The interview process is supervised and moderated by a representative of a contracted independent testing agency. There may also be a writing skills exercise required.

II. The interview process will involve questions asked by the members of the board and can be expected to last approximately fifteen (15) to twenty (20) minutes.

III. Dependent upon the number of applicants, the oral interview process for all applicants can be expected to take approximately three (3) to four (4) days to complete.

IV. The applicants will be rated based on their general appearance, demeanor, communication skills, and responses to the board’s questions.

V. The oral interview process is not used as a disqualification process. It is used as one of the vehicles to separate the applicants by their performance and abilities.

VI. The results of the oral interview will be computed by the contracted independent testing agency and used to prepare an eligibility list.


I. All successful applicants will be placed on an active eligibility list according to the combined score of their written aptitude test and oral interview/ writing exercise scores.

II. The eligibility list is maintained in strictest confidence by the Chief of Police and the Training Unit Supervisor.
III. Applicants who have successfully completed the screening process will be notified by mail of their placement on the active eligibility list. This written notification will be mailed approximately three (3) to four (4) weeks after the oral interview process.

IV. Applicants will remain on the eligibility list for a maximum of two (2) years from the date of their eligibility.

V. If not selected for employment within those two (2) years, the applicants will be removed from the active eligibility list and may reapply for participation in the next available screening process.


I. Dependent upon Departmental vacancies, the Chief Executive Officer will select applicants from the active eligibility list. Those applicants selected will be given a conditional offer of employment.

II. The conditional offer of employment is based upon an applicant’s ability to successfully complete a physical and psychological examination, as well as a drug screen. These examinations will be conducted by independent testing agencies.

III. If an applicant is unable to successfully pass the examinations listed in Section II, the conditional offer of employment will be withdrawn.

IV. Upon successful completion of these examinations, the results of the examinations, the applicant’s application, and the screening process results will be forwarded to the local Kokomo/Howard County Pension Board for review.

V. If recommended by the local Pension Board, the applicant’s completed information packet will be forwarded to the Public Employee Retirement Fund (PERF) Board for review.

VI. If approved by the PERF Board, the Chief of Police may then present the name of the applicant to the City Board of Public Works and Safety with the recommendation that the applicant be hired as a probationary officer.

If an applicant is eliminated from the testing process, they may reapply for participation in the next Kokomo Police Department testing process.

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